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Campbell Plumbing & Maintenance was engaged in 2020 by Schiavello Constructions to completed Plumbing services works to Emmaus Catholic School Woodcroft for there new Junior Primary Learning Space.

Located at 2 Todd Street, Woodcroft the project included refurbishment of class rooms, linked by a new Learning Common space & Quiet rooms along with featured exposed roof trusses. Externally landscaped Outdoor Learning and Nature Play areas with climbing logs, water fountain features & slides for the students to relax & thrive.

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To facilitate a better connection between everyone on the primary school campus, a range of spaces were designed by architectural firm Detail Studio to reflect the school’s commitment to nurturing the talent, and abilities of each individual. The primary school’s new and improved facilities include:

- Learning areas, staff kitchen & breakout spaces

- On-campus ‘quiet rooms’

- Landscaping to add nature playground

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Plumber Woodcroft Campbell Plumbing & Maintenance

Here our some further details of completed plumbing scope by Campbell Plumbing & Maintenance

  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage system to serve the site, all in accordance with AS3500 and the requirements of all other relevant authorities.

  • Domestic hot and cold reticulation to the buildings, all in accordance with AS3500 and the requirements of all other relevant authorities.

  • Provision of site gas reticulation for new building, all in accordance with AS5601 and the requirement of all other relevant authorities.

  • Coordinate and confirm final location of the existing structural beams on site prior to core holes through existing structure/slab.

  • Provision of sewer expansion joint in accordance with code requirement.

  • Provision of new thermostatic mixing valve in stainless steel valve box for tempered water supply to showers and basins.

  • Allowed to remove and reinstate existing ceiling for drainage/water pipework installation.

  • Supply, install and commission all toilet cisterns, toilet pans, toilet seats, bathroom tapware, kitchen tapware, basins, kitchen sinks, hot water units, floor traps, tundishes, isolation valves, backflow prevention valves and thermostatic valves to all units as scheduled in the ‘plumbing fixtures schedule’, and in the locations shown on the architectural drawings.

  • Provision of new hot water unit complete with drain tray and drain to tundish.

  • Allowed to disconnect and remove all redundant pipework.

  • Apply for all necessary approvals to perform the described works and pay all relevant and required fees.

  • Defects Liability Period of 12 months.

Plumbers Woodcroft Hot Water Emergency

Many thanks to our head contract builder Schiavello Constructions. Another well completed project to add to there portfolio as well as Campbell Plumbing & Maintenance. Further further details on the project please see link below to Schiavello's project report.

Schiavello Project Report Link