Somerton Park

Oaklands Park

Plumbing Services in Brighton and sursurrounding surbubs Hove, Somerton Park & Oaklands Park are just a phone call away, with Campbell Plumbing. We’re fully insured and fully licensed, and back our quality services with Compliance Certificates for your peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for a Residential Plumber, Emergency Plumbing Services, a Roof Leak Repair, or anything else that requires the help of a Plumber in Adelaide, we do it all at Campbell Plumbing. We’re on call 24/7 and pride ourselves on being able to cater for every possible plumbing issue you may be having.

You’ll find our local and personalised Plumbing Services easy to access in the Brighton area, because we work closely with many local businesses and home owners in your neighbourhood already.

Call us on 8410 9000 any time of the day or night, and get friendly customer service you can count on.

RPZ Backflow testing Plumbers

Thermostatic mixing valves

Toilet cistern repair & replacement Hove

Tap Service Plumbers Hove

Water pipe leak detection

Leaking valve replacement Plumbers

CCTV drain camera inspections

Drain inspection and drain report

Commercial plumbing maintenance

Drain Cleaning Brighton

Burst pipes and water leaks

Leaking toilet Plumber Somerton Park

Dripping tap Plumbers

Water heater replacement Oaklands Park

Toilet installation Plumbers

Gas Fitting Somerton Park

Hot water system Service Hove

Gas cooktop installation

Emergency Plumber Oaklands Park

Plumbing repairs

Stormwater and sewer Jet Rodding

Rheem service & installation

Water saving

Kitchen and shower mixers Somerton Park

Roof leak and gutter Replacement Oaklands Park

Garbage disposal

Dishwasher Installation Plumber Brighton

We’re your Local Plumbers for:

✓ Emergency Plumbing

✓ Blocked Drains & Blocked Toilets

✓ Air Conditioner Installations – Heating & Cooling

✓ Roof Leak Repairs & Roof Leak Detection

✓ Gas Ducted Heating

✓ Gas Hot Water Unit Installations & Repairs

✓ Burst Pipes & Storm Water Issues

Guttering, Drainage & Rain Water Tank Repairs

✓ Residential Plumbing – New Builds, Renovations, Extensions & Plumbing Upgrades

✓ Industrial & Commercial Plumbing – including Pre-build Excavations

✓ Owners Corporation Plumbing Issues

✓ Real Estate Property Management Services

✓ Small Business Premises Plumbing Requirements

✓ All Types of Roof Plumbing

You will find Campbell Plumbing & Maintenance working on the streets of Brighton:

  • Alfreda Street

  • Almond Grove

  • Arundel Road

  • Athelney Avenue

  • Beach Road

  • Bennett Street

  • Bindarra Road

  • Brighton Road

  • Cambridge Terrace

  • Cavender Court

  • Cedar Avenue

  • City of Holdfast Bay

  • Comley Street

  • Commercial Road

  • Coventry Street

  • Curnow Street

  • Dunluce Avenue

  • Elm Ln

  • Elm St

  • Esp

  • Essex Street

  • Flinders Lane

  • Fulton Street

  • Gemmell Street

  • Gurrs Road

  • Hahns Lane

  • Hartley Road

  • Hastings Road

  • Highet Avenue

  • Indra Terrace

  • Jetty Road

  • Keelara Street

  • Lewis Street

  • Lewis Street

  • Linwood Terrace

  • Margate Street

  • Marlborough Street

  • McCoy Street

  • Mortimer Terrace

  • Nash Street

  • Noble Street

  • Noble Street

  • Old Beach Road

  • Oraston Avenue

  • Park Crescent

  • Preston Avenue

  • Roberts Street

  • Gratton Street

  • Sexton Road

  • Seymour Grove

  • Strathmore Terrace

  • Sturt Road

  • Swan Street

  • Tarcoola Street

  • The Crescent

  • Torr Avenue

  • Trevelion Avenue

  • Twinnings Ln

  • Voules Street

  • Voules Street

  • Voules Street

  • Wahroonga Avenue

  • Wenlock Street

  • Yester Avenue

  • Ross Street

  • Rudford Street

  • Rutland Avenue

  • Sandhurst Court

  • Seaview Terrace

  • Gray Street

  • Gregory Ln

  • Gregory St